VA - Firestarter 2011

Artist: VA
Title: Firestarter
Label: Feeless Records
Genre: Psychedelic
Style: Night, Dark, Forest
Rip Date: April 2011
Release Date: t.b.a.
Catalogue Number: FSSCD001CD
Format: CD, Compact Disc
Bitrate: Mp3 320kbps
Tracks: 11
Size: 179 MB
Length: 78.23

Release Notes:

Feeless Records very pleased to announce first compilation — Firestarter, wich has been 9 months in making. Compilled by well-known russian psychedelic dj Tomas 303 and dj 604fx, known by project Paper Squad. This release will take you to bonus level with an undergorund psychedelic journey thru groovy basslines, and fresh sounds. All tracks have been tested. 100 percent psychedelic power! Compilation is filled with twisted and funky tracks from masters of pure psychedellic sound including such artists as Ajja, Shotu, Samadhi, Parasense&Zolod(r.i.p.), Furious&Cadans, Whrikk, Spatial Feature, Fata Morgana, Pantomiman and Anix Gleo. Their unformulated sound and production is full of exciting surprises and creativity which is unlike anything else…. Have a nice trip dear friends!!!


01. Anix Gleo — Intro'fon [03:38]
02. Anix Gleo — Light In A Web [08:03]
03. Pantomiman — Drummer [06:11]
04. Shotu — Valrec [06:40]
05. Spatial Feature — Twilight [08:53]
06. Fata Morgana — Tango Des Doods [06:03]
07. Ajja — Engage [07:24]
08. Whrikk — Modom Fos [07:37]
09. Furious vs. Cadans — Shokoladniy Plushkin [07:32]
10. Samadhi — Maya Starter [09:11]
11. Parasense vs. Zolod — Lavash Trip [07:12]


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