Delirious Noon - Launch For Lanctus (2009)

Vertigo Records proudly presents a debut album of Delirious Noon – fresh morning sound from Russia. Delirious Noon is a bright side of Nikolai Golutvin – aka Furious, well-known name in dark-trance scene. He has been working on Delirious Noon project for about year and a half and already released a few tracks on Vertigo’s compilations «25th Frame» and «Omnipresence». Now it’s time to hear «Launch for Lanctus»! Lanctus – is an imaginary planet which occasionally came into Nikolai’s mind and left its trace as music. You can also take a journey to this planet and get to hear its twirling melodies, floating grooves and powerful bass-lines. As Delirious Noon artist’s talent found an expression in making morning trance as well as night music. All 9 killer-tracks are perfectly made and mastered. Ready to explode dancefloors around the Universe!

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